community garden

Conflict in The Community Garden

Anyone who read my last post about the community garden ¡Esta es Una Plaza!, a community garden in Madrid, may have come away with an idealistic view of a utopian community in the city full of like-minded people, working together for the common good of all and transforming the city in the process.  Whilst this image is indeed accurate in many ways, it would be naive to think that there...

¡Esta es Una Plaza! Inspiring Permaculture in the City

In this post I tell the story of an incredible example of what is possible when people come together to create something different in the world. This magical place is ¡Esta es Una Plaza!, an urban garden in Madrid that I am lucky enough to be using to base my permaculture design project on.  Here I share a bit about my permaculture studies so far and introduce to you this...

Reconnecting with the Wild Magic of Synchronicity

Backpacking in the Azores: The Return of Adam and Eve Prologue During the cold, dark winter months, it’s been fun reminiscing about those two magical months spent exploring the amazing islands. It’s allowed me to reconnect with the feelings of magic, grace and synchronicity that seem to be so abundant when you are travelling but can so easily get lost under the day to day grind of everyday life. It’s...

Volunteering in the Azores

Volunteering in the Azores: Adventure, Magic and Reality Checks (part 2)

This is the second instalment of the summer I spent exploring alternative ways of living in the magical islands of the Azores, where my dream of living a sustainable life in harmony with nature first started. We begin where we left off in part 1, at the moment of crisis at Quinta da Canada, the young permaculture project on the island of Sao Miguel, where I had been volunteering for...

The Azores

Volunteering in The Azores: Adventure, Magic and Reality Checks (part 1).

This is the story of my first encounter with the wonderful world of wwoofing, permaculture, off-grid living and the back to the land movement. It is a story of inspiration, vision, dreams, magic, romance and synchronicity… However, it is also the story of harsh realities, disappointments and disillusions. This is where I first glimpsed the possibilities of alternative ways of life and first connected with like-minded people who shared the...

The Sea

Plastic Omens and Other Curiosities- A Message from The Sea

If the sea could speak to us, what do you think she would say? In what language would she speak? And do you think you would be able to understand her if she chose you to be her messenger? Those who were brought up by the ocean may be more adept at deciphering her messages than those who, like me, are more accustomed to the inland rivers and lakes. However,...

empty Spain

The Last Farmer Standing- An Interview from ‘Empty’ Spain (Part 2).

In the first part of Miguel’s story, we learnt about rural life in Teruel, known for being as Miguel described ‘un rincón perdida de España’, a lost corner of empty Spain. He led us through tales of the struggles of his village, the realities of his life as a farmer and also the surprising adventures of the bohemian artists of the past who made Calaciete their home, many years ago....

empty Spain

The Last Farmer Standing: An Interview from ‘Empty Spain’ (Part 1).

During our off-grid road trip through empty Spain, we were able to interview a local olive farmer to find out a bit more about why these ancient lands are slowly being emptied of people. What started out as a casual chat turned into a history lesson come story-telling session that covered all grounds- from Spanish history and politics to life lessons about integrity and the need to stand up for what you believe in.

off-grid adventures

Off-Grid Explorations Part 2- Almond Picking in The Garden of Eden

Our off-grid road trip in Aragón continued with a weeks stay with ex-corporate high fliers Paul and Hermine in the mountains of Calaceite, a small village in the heart of España vacía. What was it that made them ditch their corporate life in favour of the simple life in the mountains of Spain? And what else were we going to learn about the realities of off-grid life?

the simple life

Off-Grid Explorations Part 1- The Valley of Dreams

This summer I decided to go and see for myself what all this off-grid living is really about. Do I really have what it takes to live the simple life and am I really prepared for such a change? I went to visit ex-city boys Max and Nick on Freedom Farm to find out.