About Shared Earth Living An invitation

Deep within every one of us lies our secret, most intimate dreams.

Those hidden desires and longings that seemed to be so present and clear when we were children and then over the course of our lives seem to disappear into the abyss that we call ‘the real world‘.

This is my journey of rediscovering these sacred dreams and bringing them to life.

This is also a journey whereby I am looking at the world we know and asking myself the question: Is this all we can expect from our Western life, culture, and society? Or could it be that another way is possible?

A More Beautiful World

My name is Olivia and I am dreaming of a different way of life, a more sustainable life, a beautiful earth-centred life.

I am dreaming of permaculture, low impact dwellings made of recycled materials, and wonderful compost toilets designed to help us live lightly on the land.

I am dreaming of living in harmony with the Earth and being in closer contact with her natural rhythms and cycles. I want to experience what it’s like to live in a close-knit, inclusive community where people co-operate and help each other on a daily basis. I want to learn about ecology and plants and grow my own food!

In short, I want to return to a more natural, grounded, wholesome way of life.

Big, Scary, Impossible Dreams

How I am going to do this I don’t know. I am far from rich and I certainly don’t have any skills that would be useful for a back to basics life in the countryside. Right now this seems like a crazy, impossible dream…

But my heart knows what it wants will not accept anything less. And I have had enough experience with flow and synchronicity to know that anything is possible and that miracles exist!

I believe a more beautiful world is possible and we are its co-creators.

An Invitation

So this blog is my invitation for you to come with me on this journey and join me as we help to create a new story, far different from the one we have known until now.

But this isn’t really a story about me; it’s about us, the global community, coming together to dream a different world into being.  

A New Paradigm, A New Story, A New Earth.

Whilst I have a vision for what I want my life to look like, I also hold a vision for the world I dream of living in.

I am dreaming about living within a regenerative culture, where we learn to work with nature not against her, where everyone and everything has their own intrinsic worth; humans beings, plants, animals, insects alike. One where we are encouraged to bring our gifts forth into the world and are supported in becoming the people we are meant to be, in our full, vibrant, empowered human expression.

I am journeying into this new world, exploring it and sharing the insights that I discover as I go.

For me, this incorporates all levels of the micro and macro. It is personal, societal, political and spiritual all at the same time.

New Systems, Structures and Ways of Being

As I continue on this path, I am exploring the many different tools and possibilities that we already have at our disposal that can help us to bring this vision of a more beautiful world into reality.

On this blog I share all that I am learning as I go; from my permaculture design studies and experiences in my local community garden to my travels around the world in search of a different way of life and the people I meet on the way.

Micro and Macro

I also share how this journey is helping me to transform and evolve as person. I believe that personal and communal transformation are not mutually independent but intertwined and interwoven. The world only changes when we change, and it’s for this reason that the only way I can authentically tell this story is through a personal narrative.

Yet often, it is the most personal story that is the most universal, and it is in this spirit that I write and tell the stories that I do.


I hope that this blog can be a source of information and inspiration for anyone who is wondering if a more beautiful world is indeed possible, for anyone with a dream, for those seeking change and for those with a sore and broken heart after so many years of living in a harsh and destructive world.

Transformation is possible and now is the time.

May the fire in all of our hearts grow into a blaze of empowerment that sees us through to becoming the men and women that we are meant to be, so we can heal this world together with our dreams and our gifts and our joy.

Hi! This is me.