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Taking the Greatest Leap of my Life

The journey towards an earth-based, sustainable life in the countryside just got one step closer! Over a year and a half has passed since I committed to my radical dream of leaving the city and creating a life in the countryside. In that time many things have changed and life got a little bit, shall we say, bumpy! Between taking the step to move in with my partner, Sergio, the...

Daring to Dream- Reflections of an Ex-Naysayer

Warning: this article contains strong inspirational language that may offend realists, naysayers and general piss-on-paraders. Recommended for those seeking to fan the flames of their dreams, live a life of true purpose and value and transform themselves in the process.

authenticity and self-empowerment

Authenticity, self-empowerment and co-creating a more beautiful world.

Over-used and oversaturated, authenticity is a modern age buzz word. But don´t underestimate its power to transform you into a powerful agent of change. In the post I share how I used a challenging relationship with my boss to discover my own person power and how this seemingly small victory can ripple out to chnage the world.

expect the unexpected

Expecting the Unexpected and Embracing Fear

What would you do with your life if you had no fear? If fear wasn´t there, whispering in your ear and telling you that you can´t, that it´s impossible, that you are kidding yourself…what would you do? This seems like both an inspiring question and a cliché at the same time. How many times have we heard this question and yet…it doesn´t seem to help us reduce our fear nor...

journey authenticity

Why you should forget everything you have ever learnt

Authenticity, purpose and throwing off that which no longer serves you. Nowadays it can seem that everyone is looking for their special purpose in life. Call it destiny or simply a reason to get out of bed in the morning, the shops are filled with books claiming to have all the secrets to living a successful life and fulfilling your dreams. ‘Be your best self!’ they cry. ´Follow these 5...

the road map to life

The Road Map to Life- Revised

Life is so short yet how many of really ask ourselves what it is that we really want? Sometimes life seems like it is just one long tunnel of social agreements. We go to school, college, university. We go on to get a ´good´ job, we find a partner, we wed. We aim to get a promotion, a higher salary, a foot on the property ladder. Next come the kids...