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Learning About Life and Death in Derek Jarman’s Garden

  I want to tell you about a beautiful book I have just finished reading.  It is not a visionary novel, nor a ground-breaking book of educational value. Nor is it a book of exciting short stories or high brow literature. In fact, whilst I was reading it, at times I even considered putting it down, feeling bored and impatient...

Wisdom and Inspiration: Celebrating Three Years of Your Comments!

Celebrating three years of the Shared Earth Living Community! It has been three years since I started this blogging venture and began sharing my journey from the city to the countryside with the world. What better way to celebrate than with a post dedicated to the wise, inspiring, generous comments from you, my readers! Three Year Anniversary Since starting out...


Wisdom From The Field of Ninnu- An Interview with Gian Marco.

Instagram followee turned friend, Sardinian organic farmer Gian Marco shares his knowledge of synergy gardening, permaculture, wwoofing, changing the world and gives advice for those looking to take the plunge into the wild world of organic farming. Uplifting and philosophical, this conversation is for anyone wondering if there is another way and if so, what it might look like.


April Gratitude Challenge: Voices from Quarantine

5 days of deep, radical gratitude in a time of crisis. Here are your voices:   Laura, Madrid, Spain Day one: Today I am trying to be both grateful and positive. My father is in the hospital on a ventilator diagnosed with COVID-19. This is not an illness only for the frail and elderly or those with pre-conditions. My father...

gratitude nature casa de campo Madrid

April Monthly Challenge: 5 days of Deep, Radical Gratitude

A more beautiful world is possible and it starts with an attitude of gratitude Before this global pandemic broke out I had some ideas for what I thought we could do for the first monthly challenge. But in light of the global situation, I feel like we have enough challenge on our plate right now and maybe could do without...