I believe that a more beautiful world is not only possible but is already being created and experienced by many people all over the world.

These are ‘ordinary’ folk that are just going about their day to lives without any pretense or expectations of being known, but who have the knowledge, insights, and wisdom that show us what a beautiful world may be like.

As I progress on my journey into permaculture and returning to the land, I am lucky enough to come into contact with these people and pick their brains about their work and their story.

It is my intention to use my blog as a way of celebrating the work and lives of these seemly ordinary people through interviews and story-telling, with the desire to share the wisdom that I see in them and it’s potential to uplight, inform and inspire.

So far I have written about the inspiring Gian Marco, Italian organic farmer, and also the dignified Miguel, Olive farmer from empty Spain. These are just the first of many interviews that I would like to do – and by no means is this limited to farmers! There are also the stories of Max and Nick and Paul and Hermine, living off-grid in Spain.

I hope that you can find as much knowledge and inspiration from these people as I did when I had the chance to speak with them.

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