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Reciprocity is a beautiful thinglend me a hand, would ya?

If you have enjoyed the blog so far and wouldn´t mind lending me a hand, then below are a few ideas of ways you could help to support my work:

support my work

1) Sharing my posts

If you have enjoyed reading a particular post or the blog in general then please do share my posts on social media or with other like-minded souls. This would be a HUGE help for me, and would also help this community of co-creators to grow, and therefore make us stronger and more powerful in the process.

So feel free to share away to your hearts content 😀

3) Sharing information

Another way you can contribute is by sharing any useful knowledge that you may have that could help me on my way to permaculture paradise and off-grid living. This could be anything from inspirational, articles, videos, to podcasts or book recommendations. Anything that could nourish and empower and could also be shared with others.

Also, if you know of any interesting projects or people that you think could be interesting for me to get in touch with or write about, I would totally be open to that too.

4) Saying hi!

Maybe the simplest way to support my work! I absolutely love hearing from readers so if you have gained something or felt inspired by a post I have written, or you share a similar dream, then I would love to hear about it! Subscribe, comment, email or say hi on Instagram (@shared_earthliving) or Facebook.

This is the thing that I enjoy most about this whole venture- the new friends and the connections that I am making. It also gives me inspiration and motivation to continue doing what I am doing.

More than anything it makes my heart feel really big and full, knowing that what I have written has resonated with someone.

So don’t undervalue the power of reaching out and saying hello.

5) Just continue reading and enjoying my posts!

This is also ok too! I offer this blog to the world in the spirit of the gift and therefore there is absolutely no obligation to do any of the above! Read, enjoy and come back when ever you feel like it 🙂

6) Go after you dreams!

This is may sound silly, but I really think that my vision of The More Beautiful World is nourished by every single person I have ever met who in their own way, are contributing to its creation by following their heart and bringing their light into the world.

So even if you are just passing by this blog and are destined never to return, just remember that you, being true to yourself and living your life according to your most authentic self is more than enough support for me.

Through the mysterious web of inter-connections, interbeing and the quantum soup in which we live and breath, know that you are nourishing my light and courage by bringing yours out into the world too.

Thank you!

Support my work
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