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The Big Mistake I Made When Following My Dream 

Seven months into this narrowboat life.  I am sitting on my fold out table looking out at the water from my floating living room.  The early morning sunlight blinds me a little as I write. I can hear the twinkling song of  birds that I am yet to be able to identify. It is a crisp spring morning; finally some...

How Making a Petition to the Universe Got Us a Free Car

  Have you ever asked the Universe for something, something perhaps a little outlandish and unlikely, and then somehow had this thing spontaneously appear in your life?  I have.  In fact, it happened to me just recently. Considering my previous blog posts about ‘the revolutionary power of synchronicity’, I think this short tale is worth telling.  Road Trips It all...

Wisdom and Inspiration: Celebrating Three Years of Your Comments!

Celebrating three years of the Shared Earth Living Community! It has been three years since I started this blogging venture and began sharing my journey from the city to the countryside with the world. What better way to celebrate than with a post dedicated to the wise, inspiring, generous comments from you, my readers! Three Year Anniversary Since starting out...

I reclaim my voice

I Hereby Reclaim my Voice: A Reclamation to the World

On behalf of all of humanity, I reclaim.   This is the story of how one innocent trip to the mountains of Madrid turned out to be a day of deep and profound healing that has quite possibly changed the rest of my life forever. Considering the enormous challenges that we are facing as a species on this planet, I...

rainbows Galicia

Rainbow Vision: The Secret Antidote to Doom and Gloom

The hidden power of the rainbow in the face of an ever miserable world.   Some time ago I went to visit some family in Galicia, Northern Spain. Famed for its notorious wet weather, the green mountains and trees were a much-needed tonic for the dry plains of Madrid that I have grown accustomed to. In true Galician spirit, it...

¡Esta es Una Plaza! Inspiring Permaculture in the City

  In this post I tell the story of an incredible example of what is possible when people come together to create something different in the world. This magical place is ¡Esta es Una Plaza!, an urban garden in Madrid that I am lucky enough to be using to base my permaculture design project on.  Here I share a bit...

off-grid adventures

Off-Grid Explorations Part 2- Almond Picking in The Garden of Eden

Our off-grid road trip in Aragón continued with a weeks stay with ex-corporate high fliers Paul and Hermine in the mountains of Calaceite, a small village in the heart of España vacía. What was it that made them ditch their corporate life in favour of the simple life in the mountains of Spain? And what else were we going to learn about the realities of off-grid life?

off-grid dreams

Off-grid Dream 6 Months in- How Far Have I Come?

  A new community, permaculture explorations and co-creation in action- reflecting on what I have learnt so far as I follow this off-grid dream. We are now at the end of June 2020 and things seem to have slowed down and sped up at the same time. The fire that I spoke about back in January when I made my...

authenticity and self-empowerment

Authenticity, Self-Empowerment and Co-Creating a More Beautiful World.

Over-used and oversaturated, authenticity is a modern age buzz word. But don´t underestimate its power to transform you into a powerful agent of change. In the post I share how I used a challenging relationship with my boss to discover my own person power and how this seemingly small victory can ripple out to chnage the world.

dinner time dreaming

Dinner Time Dreaming

A more beautiful world- is it possible?   This is the story of my day to day life. A story that is maybe similar to yours and to so many other peoples’ around the world. From my morning commute to that last-minute ‘what should we have for dinner’ supermarket dash, I reflect on some of my observations of the world...