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call to action

A More Beautiful World: A Call to Action

  The time has come to get out of our fur-lined pocket and take our positions on the front lines as the courageous co-creators that we are. Because if not us, who? These are strange, challenging and chaotic times we are living in. So much has changed since I wrote my first blog post. I never could have predicted what...

I reclaim my voice

I Hereby Reclaim my Voice: A Reclamation to the World

On behalf of all of humanity, I reclaim.   This is the story of how one innocent trip to the mountains of Madrid turned out to be a day of deep and profound healing that has quite possibly changed the rest of my life forever. Considering the enormous challenges that we are facing as a species on this planet, I...

rainbows Galicia

Rainbow Vision: The Secret Antidote to Doom and Gloom

The hidden power of the rainbow in the face of an ever miserable world.   Some time ago I went to visit some family in Galicia, Northern Spain. Famed for its notorious wet weather, the green mountains and trees were a much-needed tonic for the dry plains of Madrid that I have grown accustomed to. In true Galician spirit, it...