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Explorations of Life in Rural Spain

Revelations from the Heart Cave: Part 2   This post continues the story of our short Christmas trip into the countryside of rural Spain, where we stayed in a little eco-house on the edge of the Sierra de Gredos, around one hour and half from Madrid.  From ancient Roman roads and crumbling buildings of ‘empty Spain’, to the idiosyncrasies of modern...

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The Last Farmer Standing- An Interview from ‘Empty’ Spain (Part 2).

  In the first part of Miguel’s story, we learnt about rural life in Teruel, known for being as Miguel described ‘un rincón perdida de España’, a lost corner of empty Spain. He led us through tales of the struggles of his village, the realities of his life as a farmer and also the surprising adventures of the bohemian artists...

empty Spain

The Last Farmer Standing: An Interview from ‘Empty Spain’ (Part 1).

During our off-grid road trip through empty Spain, we were able to interview a local olive farmer to find out a bit more about why these ancient lands are slowly being emptied of people. What started out as a casual chat turned into a history lesson come story-telling session that covered all grounds- from Spanish history and politics to life lessons about integrity and the need to stand up for what you believe in.