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Re-wilding wild nature

Re-Wilding Ourselves

The Art of Seeing: the key to connecting with wild nature and the antidote to city life   How many times have I heard the same complaints about city living from my friends: ´Oh I just feel so disconnected from nature´ ´I really ought to get out of the city more´ ´I just miss the greenery so much!´ It´s true...

journey authenticity

Why you should forget everything you have ever learnt

Authenticity, purpose and throwing off that which no longer serves you.   Nowadays it can seem that everyone is looking for their special purpose in life. Call it destiny or simply a reason to get out of bed in the morning, the shops are filled with books claiming to have all the secrets to living a successful life and fulfilling...

Heart living

Living from the Heart

Trusting our intuition, following our heart and bringing back the feminine in all of us.   What should I do with my life? This is the question that plagues high school students and university graduates alike. If you are anything like me, you went to the careers fairs, to the career advice centre, you asked your mum, your dad, your...