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I Quit My Job To Follow My Dream. Now What? 

A year has passed since I quit my 9-5 job in order to follow my dream of leaving the city and embarking on an alternative life in the countryside. Since then, my blog posts have focused more on sharing some of the internal changes that have occurred in this time rather than the external ones. I have talked about our...

It’s Official! I am a Permaculture Designer!

After two years of observations, investigations and hard work,  I am happy to announce that I have finally completed my permaculture design project for the community garden! I can officially say I am a qualified permaculture designer! It has been a long time coming, and at times I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the end. However,...

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Stories of Success in the Community Garden!

  From homemade Italian delights, birthday parties, and new friends to sharing plant knowledge, gratitude notes and personal growth, we managed to end 2021 on a high in the community garden. Read on to find out we managed to turn things around! A lot has changed in the community garden since I first started to document my permaculture explorations there...

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Conflict in The Community Garden

  Anyone who read my last post about the community garden ¡Esta es Una Plaza!, a community garden in Madrid, may have come away with an idealistic view of a utopian community in the city full of like-minded people, working together for the common good of all and transforming the city in the process.  Whilst this image is indeed accurate...

¡Esta es Una Plaza! Inspiring Permaculture in the City

  In this post I tell the story of an incredible example of what is possible when people come together to create something different in the world. This magical place is ¡Esta es Una Plaza!, an urban garden in Madrid that I am lucky enough to be using to base my permaculture design project on.  Here I share a bit...

Volunteering in the Azores

Volunteering in the Azores: Adventure, Magic and Reality Checks (part 2)

  This is the second instalment of the summer I spent exploring alternative ways of living in the magical islands of the Azores, where my dream of living a sustainable life in harmony with nature first started. We begin where we left off in part 1, at the moment of crisis at Quinta da Canada, the young permaculture project on...

The Azores

Volunteering in The Azores: Adventure, Magic and Reality Checks (part 1).

  This is the story of my first encounter with the wonderful world of wwoofing, permaculture, off-grid living and the back to the land movement. It is a story of inspiration, vision, dreams, magic, romance and synchronicity… However, it is also the story of harsh realities, disappointments and disillusions. This is where I first glimpsed the possibilities of alternative ways...

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Off-Grid Explorations Part 1- The Valley of Dreams

This summer I decided to go and see for myself what all this off-grid living is really about. Do I really have what it takes to live the simple life and am I really prepared for such a change? I went to visit ex-city boys Max and Nick on Freedom Farm to find out.


Wisdom From The Field of Ninnu- An Interview with Gian Marco.

Instagram followee turned friend, Sardinian organic farmer Gian Marco shares his knowledge of synergy gardening, permaculture, wwoofing, changing the world and gives advice for those looking to take the plunge into the wild world of organic farming. Uplifting and philosophical, this conversation is for anyone wondering if there is another way and if so, what it might look like.

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Off-grid Dream 6 Months in- How Far Have I Come?

  A new community, permaculture explorations and co-creation in action- reflecting on what I have learnt so far as I follow this off-grid dream. We are now at the end of June 2020 and things seem to have slowed down and sped up at the same time. The fire that I spoke about back in January when I made my...