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I reclaim my voice

I Hereby Reclaim my Voice: A Reclamation to the World

On behalf of all of humanity, I reclaim.   This is the story of how one innocent trip to the mountains of Madrid turned out to be a day of deep and profound healing that has quite possibly changed the rest of my life forever. Considering the enormous challenges that we are facing as a species on this planet, I...

In Search of Home

In Search of Home

Travel and the art of losing yourself to find yourself. After 10 years of wandering, the search for home continues.   I started travelling alone when I was 20. It was my second year at university; the summer holidays beckoned and with them the prospect of fun and adventure at a summer camp in the forests of Maryland in the...

Taking the Greatest Leap of my Life

The journey towards an earth-based, sustainable life in the countryside just got one step closer!   Over a year and a half has passed since I committed to my radical dream of leaving the city and creating a life in the countryside. In that time many things have changed and life got a little bit, shall we say, bumpy! Between...

Daring to Dream- Reflections of an Ex-Naysayer

Warning: this article contains strong inspirational language that may offend realists, naysayers and general piss-on-paraders. Recommended for those seeking to fan the flames of their dreams, live a life of true purpose and value and transform themselves in the process.

journey authenticity

Why you should forget everything you have ever learnt

Authenticity, purpose and throwing off that which no longer serves you.   Nowadays it can seem that everyone is looking for their special purpose in life. Call it destiny or simply a reason to get out of bed in the morning, the shops are filled with books claiming to have all the secrets to living a successful life and fulfilling...

argentina salt flats declaration to the world

A Declaration to The World

Bolding declaring to the world my dreams and my intentions for my life…after this there is no going back! As one year comes to a close and another one begins, we often reflect on life and where we are going. With the trees bare and the cold winter wind banging at the door, nature seems to will us into hibernation....

the road map to life

The Road Map to Life- Revised

Life is so short yet how many of us really ask ourselves what it is that we really want?   Sometimes life seems like it is just one long tunnel of social agreements. We go to school, college, university. We go on to get a ‘good’ job, we find a partner, we wed. We aim to get a promotion, a...