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radical dream

Birthing a Radical Dream- Do you Dare?

A more beautiful world is possible and it starts with a radical dream. The 9 to 5. The work commitments. The family gathering. The latest episode of your favourite series on Netflix. With so many distractions and demands on our time, it is so easy to get swept away in day to day life. It´s not easy to find a moment to pause and reflect on what we really want...

dinner time dreaming

Dinner Time Dreaming

A more beautiful world- is it possible? This is the story of my day to day life. A story that is maybe similar to yours and to so many other peoples´ around the world. From my morning commute to that last minute ´what should we have for dinner´ supermarket dash, I reflect on some of my observations of the world I see around me. Is this all we can expect...