It’s Official! I am a Permaculture Designer!

After two years of observations, investigations and hard work,  I am happy to announce that I have finally completed my permaculture design project for the community garden! I can officially say I am a qualified permaculture designer!

Permaculture designer
I am officially a permaculture designer!

It has been a long time coming, and at times I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the end. However, I recently delivered my presentation and final design documents to the Permaculture Women’s Guild and got my permaculture design certificate. So to celebrate, in this post share the graduation video I made for their alumni gallery, as well as the accompanying pdf of my powerpoint presentation.

In the video I walk you through my design process from beginning to end and explain in detail about the final design and the rationale behind it.  I also made the powerpoint so that it is fairly self-explanatory without the video presentation. You can download the PDF of the powerpoint presentation here.

PDF link

In time I will write it all up in a series of easily digestible chunks and make some shorter videos to make it more accessible to those who don’t have the time/patience/interest to sit through the 40 minutes graduation presentation 😉 

But for now, here is the result of the last two years of work in the community garden! I hope it can be useful, informative and inspiring for permaculture designers, community gardeners, those who are interested in sustainable solutions and also those who are just curious as to what I have been working on over this two-year period (‘What is permaculture design anyway?’ I hear people wonder. Hopefully this video will give you an idea. However I plan to write about that too in future posts, so fear not). 

This achievement is especially special to me because if it wasn’t for the connections that I made online when I first started my blog, I would never have discovered thus course and therefore would never have got involved in the community garden. It is thanks to my first readers that reached out to me and told me about this course that I am now able to say ‘I am a permaculture designer!’, so I now I want to return the favour and start to share more about what I have been learning in this time.

This is a huge step forward for me on this journey of leaving the city and going back to the land. I started this blog with no useful knowledge whatsoever, and whist I still have A LOT to learn, competing this course is evidence that progress has indeed been made!

Thank you for joining me in the journey towards co-creating a more beautiful and sustainable world. It is my belief and conviction that we have the tools available to us to make this vision a reality. I see permaculture design as one of these tools. 

With the right tools, knowledge and wisdom, we can create a new kind of Earth for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and all of the future generations to come.

One community garden at a time.


A big thank you to the community garden ¡Esta Es Una Plaza! for welcoming me into the community and taking the time to take part all interviews and questionnaires that formed the basis of this design.

Also a big thank you to my tutor Jennifer English Morgan for her wisdom and patience during this design process. I don’t think I would have been able to do it with her!

Thank you to Heather Jo Flores and the rest of the Permaculture Women’s Guild for providing such quality permaculture education.

And of course, thank you to my readers Lorna and Aurélie for sharing this course with me and to Madeline Recknagel taking the time to go through my final presentation with me.

And finally, thank you to my partner Sergio who has listened patiently over the last two years as I have chewed his ear off with talk of the community garden and my design project 😉

Thank you all!

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