5-Day challenge

NOTE: The 5-day challenge is currently on hold whilst I complete my permaculture design course. However, I do intend on running the 5-day challenge again in the not too distant future!

Introducing the Shared Earth Living 5-day challenge!

It´s easy to talk about wanting to live in a more beautiful world but it´s another thing to actually participate in its creation.

Big dreams are important to have but its important that we don´t save our participation in their creation for some future time when we have enough money or enough time.

Or in my case, I don´t just want to wait until I have a plot of land and a yurt to make my dream of living in a more beautiful world a reality! I´m far too impatient for that!

Big dreams are realised through the small day to day steps that we take

That is why I don´t just want to talk the talk but walk the walk.

So I propose a 5-day challenge, whereby we commit to the practice of a life-affirming new habit that supports us in helping to create a more beautiful world.

It will be something simple to try for 5 days and come at zero cost. It could be something related to our internal world, like practising compassion or kindness or to the outer world, like having a zero-plastic week or only eating seasonally.

The idea is that we commit to the challenge for 5 days and document our experiences in short journal entries. Then they can then be shared with the rest of the community as support and inspiration for everyone else 🙂

And of course, there is room for our humanity- perfection is not required!

So let´s not wait for the politicians to get their act together- real change is going to come from come us, the global community deciding that we want to dream a different dream.

The world is changed heart by heart, mind by mind, often in quiet an solitude. This is where the real change happens. Politicians just ratify this change


You can check out the 5-day challenge here and read the journals of those that participated here to give you a better idea of how it works 🙂

I will be running the 5-day challenge every few months. So if you would like to partake in the next one, sign up for the newsletter and I will let you know when it starts 🙂

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