The Fierce Love of The Goddess

The key ingredient in the creation of A More Beautiful World

´ Indignant Mother Earth cries out for her people, her territory and her spirituality´
Photo by me, Lavapies, Madrid

Maybe it can all seem a bit too fanciful, too over the top, too good to ever be true, all this talk of A More Beautiful World. Even I doubt that its creation is possible when I read the news and see the chaos and negativity that seems to engulf us.

How can I sit here writing about A More Beautiful World when there is so much suffering all over the Earth- crippling poverty, injustice, war, famine, destruction of the rainforests, the mass extinction of so many plants, animals and insects, the pollution of our waters, the loss of habitat, the extinction of indigenous cultures, the polarization of society…the list goes on…

Not to mention the people who are in situations in which they see no possibility of dreaming a more beautiful dream. Here I am with my laptop and my blog in a coffee shop in the centre of Madrid feeling like the world is my oyster and that anything is possible, but what about those that are not in as fortunate position as me?

Madrid  coffee shop laptop elite
Part of the laptop elite
Madrid, photo by me

Open Doors

I rocked up in Madrid 6 years ago with nothing but a month-long TEFL course and an English accent and found work straight away. No prejudices, no discrimination, no problem- even though I didn´t yet speak the language. These are some of the luxuries afforded to the white, educated, English speaker.

I am not an ´immigrant´ but an ´ex-pat´, even though I have no intention of going back to England anytime soon. I was not fleeing war so there was no problem, I just wanted a new adventure so it was all good, the door was open for me and my dreams. (Indeed a search in any good dictionary will reveal that ´immigrant´ and ´ex-pat´ have the same definition. The only difference is that the latter is usually reserved for white people coming from rich countries).

So it was all rosy and easy for me (thanks European Union!). Doors have always been open, or at least it has been within my reach to open them.

In all fairness, I have chosen to go after these open doors or made an effort to open those that seemed to be closed- I could have chosen differently many times and my life could have ended up a lot different.

However, sometimes, when faced with the harsh realities and unfairness of the world, I can´t help but sometimes think, ´ah what´s the point, it all seems too impossible and awful´ and I slouch on the couch defeated and feeling embarrassed that I could even propose such a ridiculous idea such as co-creating a more beautiful world.

Of course, intellectually it is difficult to envision how things could ever change for the better. The world seems to be doomed and that is the message that we receive over and over again. The pull of pessimism seems to be too strong, its strength and density too much for the light of our optimism to stand up to.

Negativity seems to be the only rational response to some of the atrocities that occur in the world and anyone who is spouting otherwise is seen to be naive and unrealistic.

´Get real!´ that voice of reason tells us.

´Have you not seen who has just been elected? Have you not seen what has just happened in country x? The world is doomed and you are stupid if you think otherwise!´

And we retreat feeling belittled and ridiculous. Our hearts may be bursting with poetry and light but in this harsh reality, what´s the use?

More to this human life

I know I have felt this time after time. But how much truth does this voice really hold? In a world governed by the intellectual mind, reason and logic, anything else that stems from a different place seems to be impossible to fathom. But is this just because this imbalance of the human mind leads us to be blind to all other possibilities?

What if there was more to this world than meets the eye? What if we humans have dormant powers yet to be put use or forgotten about as we have become more and more separated from ourselves and our origin?

What if we all have powers yet to be tried; creative abilities yet untapped; possibilities that our current paradigm blinds us to seeing?

Maybe all it needs is for us to remove the stig from our eyes and see our own magnificence in all its power and beauty.

Maybe what we need is the part of us that has been put on sidelines whilst the masculine has been on the pitch and hogging the limelight. In this world governed by patriarchal values- dominance, finite power, control, competition- what if we bring in a new and ancient part of ourselves that has been left forgotten and neglected. A part of the human psych that is aching to come forth.

It is the part of us that harnesses the creative energy, capable of birthing new life, of creating, of envisioning.

The soil is fertile and the conditions are perfect. Now is the time and there is no time to wait.

It is time that we call forth The Goddess: collaboration over dominance, power shared, flexibility over rigidity- all of us divine creators in our own right.


And make no mistake, The Goddess is not a women-only affair. She doesn´t care what form your genitals take. It´s not about men vs women. It is not an exclusive club for only half of the population.

The Goddess is about bringing back the feminine in the human psyche. It is about healing our unbalanced conditioning and bringing us back to being whole.

It is not about one being better than the other- that would be more competition, more pitting one again the other, more black and white, right and wrong- more unbalanced thinking and would be just a reproduction of the patriarchal mentality that we all know so well.

The Goddess is so much more than that. Her vision expands much further.

The Goddess values collaboration over dominance; compassion over attack; respect of individual freedom over control. She looks after the whole, not just her own interests. She understands that society is the sum of its parts- if part of the whole is unwell, then the whole is also compromised. She understands that we need to treat the cause, not the symptom.

But what good is calling forth The Goddess? How is that going to help a world on fire?

Calling forth The Goddess is not like asking for help for a divine being outside of ourselves to come and fix our problems.

What I am proposing is us embodying The Goddess.

All of us becoming our own Goddess in our own right. Man and woman alike.

Whatever gender you identify with, know that you have the untapped powers of the sacred feminine residing within you.

The world is made up of individuals contributing to the whole. So embody The Goddess in your own life and help the whole world to gain its balance.

But beware, The Goddess doesn´t take things lying down- she is no one´s doormat. She is the embodiment of compassion but she is no fool, for she balances compassion with wisdom in equal amounts.

Fierce Love vs Fear

Strong and powerful, she holds within her the fiercest love imaginable. The whole world is her child and she will go to whatever lengths necessary to protect it.

The Goddess knows that whilst inducing fear in people can induce people to act, she understands that the quality of their action is going to carry the energy of anxiety and stress. And we all know that human beings feeling scared, stressed and anxious tend to act in often irrational ways- either burying their head in the sand or indulging in destructive behaviours.

Compassionate and wise that she is, she knows that the only way that a vision can be born in the world is through great love. Her activism flows out of this place, a place of pure love for the whole world. And from this love is born inspiration, and from this comes the unquenchable fire of enthusiasm, from which comes that infectious joy of doing something in service of the greater good.

If we think of all the amazing feats and accomplishments of the human race- the most celebrated art, leaders, architecture, inventions- it obvious that fear was not the primary motivating factor.

When we look at our own lives, we can see that the times that we felt the most joyful, the most effective, the most energetic were when we were in touch with something much more beautiful and powerful than fear.

Fear paralyses. Fear is like throwing cold water on the fire before it´s even got going. Fear stops you from taking a first wobbly step into the possibility of something more beautiful before you have even set off in that direction.

fear robs your dreams
Be careful with your fears, they love to steal your dreams

I was amazed to hear that at a recent climate change conference in Madrid, one speaker actively promoted the use of fear to tackle climate change, stating that without fear people won´t act, won´t change their habits, won´t get on board with the proposals for a more sustainable future.

I´d say that this speaker was severely short-sighted in his assessment of the human condition. Of course, fear motivates us to act, but what is the quality of our action when it comes from a place of fear and is this energy compatible with the creation of The More Beautiful World?

One look at how people have acted with the whole coronavirus crisis illustrates my point.

In Love with a Vision

If there is one thing I am certain about is that if we are to come together as one and bring A More Beautiful World into existence, we need to be completely head over the heels in love with our vision. We have to embody the fierce love of The Goddess and put this powerfully positive energy into everything we do.

But forget trying to convince others of our dream- this is just more domination of the current system. Let people think what they want- we are beings with free will after all. The Goddess respects everyone’s right to have an opinion and respects peoples freedom to choose what world they want to build for themselves.

Nor does The Goddess lament endlessly about the current start of the world. Instead, she chooses to throw all her energy and love into creating something new.

What is the point in projecting more negativity into the world with our complaints? If people want to wallow in all that is wrong with the world let them. It is their life and therefore their responsibility.

Those involved in the quest for The More Beautiful World are too busy creating something beautiful and prefer not to have their enthusiasm damped by the constant onslaught of impossibility and negativity that the system tries to throw at them.

Nor does the Goddess judge others for making choices that don´t align with her own. Respecting the autonomy of the individual is paramount in The More Beautiful World. No convincing, no trying to persuade, no scornful or disapproving looks. Even the most subtle disapproving look is just another way of using force over another and therefore more of that which we are trying to heal.

If we are serious about the birth of a More Beautiful World we need to embody it now. It is not about waiting for a future date when we finally live our dreams. The dream starts now and it starts with us. We have to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

If people want to come on board with our creation let them come on their own accord, out of curiosity, out of inspiration. Let them come because they see that we are leading by example and that we are radiating a different kind of energy that they are not accustomed to seeing- that of abundant and joyful enthusiasm shining forth and overflowing with love.

Love for life, love for the Earth we walk on, love for the air we breathe, love for the food we eat, love for the water we drink, love for the birds that sing and the insects that buzz.

Love for all of the Earth´s creatures- the fish in the sea and the animals of the land.

Love for all of humanity and all of our flaws and our imperfections.

the Godess loves all creatures great and small
Love all creatures great and small
Photo by me. Casa de Campo, Madrid

From the Inside Out

If we are going to take part in healing the Earth we need to start with healing ourselves, which means compassionately embracing ourselves exactly how we are right now, warts and all. We are all doing our best right now and more than that cannot be asked.

Likewise, we need to extend this compassion to our family, our friends, our neighbours, our work colleagues, strangers we have yet to meet, even the politicians of the world.

And from this space of true compassion, we allow love to enter and heal us.

But remember we are embodying The Goddess and as I mentioned before, she doesn´t take anything lying down. Her compassion isn´t wimpy compassion that means that we allow the world to walk all over us. Rather this is a gentle yet fiery compassion that, being so full of wisdom, knows where to draw the line, set limits and stand up for itself.

Ever compassionate and gentle, yet ever strong and wise the Goddess knows hows to heal.

So may we evoke her healing energies that reside within us and bring her fierce love, compassion and wisdom forth…

And allow her to heal us from within.

The Goddess
Photo by me, Lavapies, Madrid

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Olivia Grundy

Join me as I transition from the city to the country, following my hearts desire for a more sustainable life based on respect for the Earth and all the creatures in it.

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